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Badael (i.e. Alternatives in Arabic): is a Syrian NGO committed to strengthening civil society groups and NGOs in Syria that are active or want to become active in the promotion of non-violence and in the implementation of activities to reduce the severity of violence, to break its cycle, to respond to the conflict and to prepare for the process of post-conflict peace-building.

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Peace Journalism or War Journalism – Badael

A study of women’s peace activism in Syria – Badael

Ber Bi Atşiyek Berdewan – Kurdish

نحو سلام مستدام – عربي

إعلان دليل العدالة الانتقالية – عربي

Activism in Difficult Times – English

Our achievements

Initiatives from Syria

  • Walls have memories…

    On the walls, there are writings of love for the country and freedom… on the walls there are bullet traces… or martyr blood prints, or political party posters, or political slogans. After the distress the city of Kafranbel has gone through in terms of the size of destruction, and after the writings and graffiti slogans covered its walls in a distorting manner that is far from earning public respect or public taste, a group of youngsters from the City called for the restoration of coloursinthe cityneighbourhoodsthrough a campaign they called “Live”. “Live is a campaign to paint murals reflecting our reality, softening our pain and beautifying some of our destruction”; this is how the campaign manager described what he and his activist friends started in May 2013 in the city of Kafranbel in the southern countryside of Idlib. The campaign activity stopped during the taking over of the City by the “Islamic State in Iraq and Syria” (ISIS); when ISIS entered and took control of the city of Kafranbel, the team almost fully stopped working. AfterISIS lost control of the City, “Live” campaign resumed its activity with greater momentum, coming up with different ideas to revive and commemorate and perpetuate the memory of martyrs. On “05/11/2012”, life stopped in the small town as a result of the massacre perpetrated by the Regime which claimed the life of “40” civilians amongst which were children, women and men; their blood and corpses filled the City’s public square. On the same day the following year, “Live” Campaign team worked on the creation of a monument commemorating martyrs; they sculpted the names of the massacre martyrs on a large stone and placed it in the City centre to honour them and to perpetuate their memory, hoping to provide their families with some kind of moral support and to give them faith that justice will prevail in the near future.

    Walls have memories…
  • The quill speaks

    After ISIS and its crimes occupied all the media headlines, leaving no room for hope for the journalists to convey the suffering and pain of the children of Syria, Syrian artists’ quills started stifling screams of challenge and peaceful civil struggle pursuing in the face of weapons: a number of artists made a “hand painting” that might be the largest of its kind in the world, and called it “The Angels of Syria” where the names of 12,490 (twelve thousand four hundred and ninety) angels were documented; these angels are boys and girls who became victims of the ongoing conflict between the Regime, the opposition and the radical groups. The people involved in the achievement of the hand painting sought to convey the idea of innocent guiltless children being killed, and aimed at stressing the importance of reaching the day where Syrians stop being killed. It is through “arts” that the artists tried to convey the Syrian tragedy to the Western peoples who are generally more touched by works of art than by blood scenes, which have become a major component in the lives of Syrians and which have always been dealt with in a disappointing manner by the international community. The painting’s total area reached approximately 450 square meters (21m*21m). The painting included the names of all the martyr children since the outbreak of the revolution until 05/10/2014 based on the reports issued by the Center for Documentation of Violations in Syria. The painting consisted of the picture of a Syrian girl with angel wings tied with shackles. On the lock, they painted the world map and wrote on top of it the English sentence “Save the Children of Syria”. Finally, the girl on the painting is holding a watch with numbers inverted counterclockwise and without clock hands, indicating that time has stopped for Syrians.  

    The quill speaks
  • The River Martyrs (Commemoration of martyrs)   On January 29th, 2013, the Syrian regime executed nearly 100 detainees by gunshots, and then dumped their bodies in Queiq River in the city of Aleppo. The victims’ family members and relatives were able to recover the bodies from the other side of the river in a Free Syrian Army-held area.   The Free Syrian Sports Association, in collaboration with Radio Nasa’im Syria, organized a 3000 meters running race that they called “The River Martyrs” in commemoration of the martyrs whose bodies were dumped in Queiq River. The race was prepared for and organized while following certain security precautions for fear that the location of the race be targeted; consequently, the race started in front of the Martyr “Qutayba Abou Younes” Hospital, passed through adjacent Kallaseh neighbourhood, and ended at the starting point, in front of the Hospital. The starting point was chosen because it was only 100 meters away from the Massacre site near “Boustan Al Kaser” neighbourhood in the city of Aleppo. More than 30 people participated in the marathon including activists in the fields of media and humanitarian relief, and more than 100 people were present to watch the race including free policemen and members of revolutionary & local councils, in addition to members of civil society organizations and civilians.   The 3 primary winners were coronated by the Organizing Committee at the end of the race. The objective behind organizing such sports activities is the commemoration of martyrs and offering those left in the city of Aleppo a chance to momentarily escape the atmosphere of war that has been prevailing for the last three years. The participating activists’ message to everyone including the International Community is that there is still, in this world, a reason worth living for, and that despite the predominant daily death scenes, the hope for a better tomorrow remains the dream that lights up our way.

    The River Martyrs (Commemoration of martyrs)


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