For sustainable peace in Syria

Badael (i.e. Alternatives in Arabic): is a Syrian NGO committed to strengthening civil society groups and NGOs in Syria that are active or want to become active in the promotion of non-violence and in the implementation of activities to reduce the severity of violence, to break its cycle, to respond to the conflict and to prepare for the process of post-conflict peace-building.

Our Vision:

The vision of Badael is that of a democratic Syria where people from all different groups have equal opportunities and rebuild their lives and together with that rebuild a climate of sustainable peace, where more Syrian civil society groups are willing to take part in peace building work, where civil society actors are able to deal with conflicts in a non-violent and constructive manner and where the same civil society groups are recognized as important players in the peace building process


Our Mission:

 The mission of Badael is to empower and support Syrian civil society activists in their peace building, nonviolence and human rights work inside Syria.


Our Objectives are:

  • To increase the capacity of civil society groups, from different conflict zones in Syria to engage in peacemaking and peace building at the community level
  • To improve the knowledge base on the assessment of conflict, civil society role, capacities for peace and windows of opportunity for the Syrian ongoing conflicts
  • To improve the awareness of the international actors (Track 1 and 2) on the realities (needs, strategies, capacities, dynamics of the conflict etc) on the ground in Syria and thus to facilitate their better planning the right programmes and interventions

Where did the idea come from?

Since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution in March 2011, the most frequently asked questions have been about the alternative: what is the alternative? What is the alternative to the absence of Government Institutions? What is the alternative to violence? What is the alternative to the Regime? What is the alternative to militarization?

This is where the idea of the term “Badael- came from; “Badael” believes that alternatives always exist, all we have to do is search for them and develop methods to try to deal with the problems and issues we are faced with, and to encourage critical thinking which consists in analyzing the information and dealing with it as opposed to effortlessly receiving the information and taking it for granted.

Badael Team works on strengthening the capacities of the civil society in Syria- in the field of peace-building and conflict transformation. It also encourages the CSGs to plan and implement peace-building projects, such as local initiatives to build trust and promote co-existence & advocacy for the protection of civilians during armed conflicts. Furthermore, create local initiatives to resolve conflicts and disputes between Syrians; it also deals with divisions amongst societies resulting from conflicts, and which have historical roots and have not yet been dealt with. Finally, through the implementation of Badael Transitional Justice program, we aim at hosting discussions on future transitional justice programs and at designing mechanisms to involve local communities in the process.

Who are the Trainers of Badael Team?

Civil society activists from different regions in Syria. They have been trained in this field for a year and a half, and they undergo constant coaching by attending ToT organized by Badael in a continuous manner which aims at enabling them to keep up with and meet the needs of the civil society on the ground.

Badael Foundation works on three Programmes.

1- The Training is on the following issues:


  • Non-violent resistance
  • Conflict resolution and transformation (negotiations – dialogue – and mediation)
  • Transitional Justice as a tool for sustainable peace.
  • Combating the phenomenon of child recruitment.
  • Sexual and Gender Based violence in the conflict
  • Human rights
  • Responsibility to protect
  • Designing peace projects and no-harm approaches



2- Consultation: Badael team provides continuous consultation to CSGs in Syria in issues regarding peacemaking and peace-building, including the design, implementation and evaluation of peace projects and initiatives.


3- Support peace initiatives : In addition to the consultancy and training on designing peace projects and do no harm approach, Badael foundation provide a mini grants to the good projects which civil society groups design in the DPP workshop of Badael inside Syria.

There are relatively few studies on the conflict and peace in Syria, and they are generally unavailable to the public. The importance of these studies and research lies in their ability to help determine the form of intervention that must be carried out by the civil society, and to help determine what can be done to break the cycle of violence, knowing that the research is carried out based on scientific methods.

Badael foundation participate in events that aim to advocate for peace and enable sharing experience and knowledge to plan a better intervention in order to create strategies for sustainable peace in Syria.  As well throughout the research program, its also another way to advocate and identifying local capacities for peace

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